Two Signs and a Sight

It’s time again to share some signs that made me laugh. OK, so one isn’t a sign, but it made me laugh. It’s probably just what happened in my head, but you be the judge…

Our first sign comes to us from a wildlife display. It’s one of those where you actually walk into the habitat, complete with reptiles walking around and birds flying over head. I believe in respecting the authority of a place, so when there are signs saying how you are supposed to act or what you are to do, I want to do my best to obey.

I was awfully glad I didn’t have any small children with me this day, because I don’t know how I could have obeyed both rules listed on this sign!

Our next sign is one we saw driving through the countryside one weekend. I believe it to be the sign of the century, destined to change  our worship songs forever. 

No longer shall we sing of meeting Jesus in the air,  in the sweet by and by, or even in heaven. We can just go to Pennsylvania and meet him there!

Next comes the non-sign. We saw this outside a mall one night, all plugged in getting ready to go. It struck me funny on two counts. First, it’s just pretty funny looking, and second, I imagined the high speed chase taking place as mall security took off after the bad guys.

I’m sure this strikes terror in the hearts of bad guys everywhere… Oh dear…


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  1. At Christ’s Home Office, I suppose delivery is directed around the back?

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