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Blob Fest 2008

Anyone who has spent much time around my blog is familiar with Brian’s and my hobby of finding obscure, odd, eccentric things to see and do. We hit the mother lode a couple weeks ago when we attended the opening night of Blob Fest 2008. Just what is a Blob Fest, you may ask? It’s a community-based festival in¬†Phoenixville, Pennsylvania that celebrates the 1958 sci-fi thriller movie “The Blob”. It seems that the theater used in a pivotal scene in the movie is located in this borough, which is apparently as good a reason to have a party as anything else! The festival is in its ninth year, and includes the opening night festivities, a Blob window decorating contest for local businesses, a parade, a classic car show, the “Blob Ball”, and assorted other street fair type activities. It should be noted that the opening ceremonies of the festival are held in the actual theater used in the movie, and include a concert by a local band, a screaming contest, and a tin foil hat contest (because everybody knows if there are aliens or other icky monstery things around, a tin foil hat will keep the creatures from being able to read your mind). It was truly an amazing event! As pictures speak louder than words, I thought I’d include a couple of photos I took that first night just to give you a feel for the evening. Continue reading



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Big Girls Don’t Cry… or do They?

I woke up slowing this morning, with that slow stretch that so often starts a day, refusing to open my eyes right away in denial that it could actually be time to get up. Even with my eyes closed, though, I knew morning had come, so reluctantly I opened my eyes and took a lazy glance at the clock. What? Could it really be 7:44 AM? But my aquatics class starts at 8:00! Frustrated, I began rushing to get ready for class and out the door.

As I was hurriedly getting dressed, I had a flash of revelation to look up Luke 7:44. I chided myself, telling myself there might not even be such a verse, and besides, I was running late. Continue reading


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O, Happy Day!

It’s hard to say definitively what makes one day happier than another, but today there are two things making it a happy day for me. One is that tonight I’m starting a darkroom class. I’ve been looking forward to this forever, and it’s finally here! Yea!

The second thing making me happy is a sprinkler. Yep, one of those little swishing kind with the little arm that goes back and forth making a “chook-a chook-a” noise with each stroke. Our lawn service said they are the most efficient kind, so I went to The Home Depot today and got one. Now, if you had asked me before this afternoon if these little gems made me happy I would have said no. And then I would have laughed at the question! However, as I’ve been sitting at my computer working on a project, the new sprinkler has been chook-a-ing away outside the window, and I’m finding it quite relaxing. I think it takes me back to being a kid and all those long summer afternoons spent with a stack of library books in the shade of a giant red maple. It seems like there was always the sound of one of these sprinklers drifting through the neighborhood, and it just became part of the memories that make up childhood. So, odd as it seems, if you were to ask me now, I would have to answer that yes, lawn sprinklers do in fact make me happy. Who knew? ūüôā


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Privacy Issues

I thought I would offer a word of motherly advice to all you ladies out there that use cell phones. I’m here to warn you about using your bra as a cell phone holder. I know¬†most of us have done this at least once,¬†and most of the time it works out just fine, but there are times it’s not a good idea, as it might leave you, um, exposed when you least expect it. Case in point: Saturday¬†we went to see a movie. As we sat in the semi-darkness watching the pre-movie preliminaries along with a pretty good sized audience, something caught my attention off to the right and a few rows in front of us. As I turned to look, I saw a beacon of light beaming up into the darkness from a young woman’s tank top. Actually, it was beaming from behind her tank top. I had just a second of confusion¬†about what was going on before this poor woman leaned over to help her toddler get situated in his seat. As she bent forward, so did her tank top, thus exposing her cell phone nestled in her bra, still lit up from its recent usage, as well as a pretty well lit view of, well, you know… Thankfully it didn’t expose more than you would see in a very skimpy bikini top, but still, I’m sure this isn’t what she intended! I think the take-away message from this incident is that we have pockets for a reason!

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