Privacy Issues

I thought I would offer a word of motherly advice to all you ladies out there that use cell phones. I’m here to warn you about using your bra as a cell phone holder. I know most of us have done this at least once, and most of the time it works out just fine, but there are times it’s not a good idea, as it might leave you, um, exposed when you least expect it. Case in point: Saturday we went to see a movie. As we sat in the semi-darkness watching the pre-movie preliminaries along with a pretty good sized audience, something caught my attention off to the right and a few rows in front of us. As I turned to look, I saw a beacon of light beaming up into the darkness from a young woman’s tank top. Actually, it was beaming from behind her tank top. I had just a second of confusion about what was going on before this poor woman leaned over to help her toddler get situated in his seat. As she bent forward, so did her tank top, thus exposing her cell phone nestled in her bra, still lit up from its recent usage, as well as a pretty well lit view of, well, you know… Thankfully it didn’t expose more than you would see in a very skimpy bikini top, but still, I’m sure this isn’t what she intended! I think the take-away message from this incident is that we have pockets for a reason!


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  1. Wow. Thanks for the advice. (Though I’m pretty sure that I can say with confidence that I would not resort to that. My phone is too big, anyway.)

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