O, Happy Day!

It’s hard to say definitively what makes one day happier than another, but today there are two things making it a happy day for me. One is that tonight I’m starting a darkroom class. I’ve been looking forward to this forever, and it’s finally here! Yea!

The second thing making me happy is a sprinkler. Yep, one of those little swishing kind with the little arm that goes back and forth making a “chook-a chook-a” noise with each stroke. Our lawn service said they are the most efficient kind, so I went to The Home Depot today and got one. Now, if you had asked me before this afternoon if these little gems made me happy I would have said no. And then I would have laughed at the question! However, as I’ve been sitting at my computer working on a project, the new sprinkler has been chook-a-ing away outside the window, and I’m finding it quite relaxing. I think it takes me back to being a kid and all those long summer afternoons spent with a stack of library books in the shade of a giant red maple. It seems like there was always the sound of one of these sprinklers drifting through the neighborhood, and it just became part of the memories that make up childhood. So, odd as it seems, if you were to ask me now, I would have to answer that yes, lawn sprinklers do in fact make me happy. Who knew? 🙂



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2 responses to “O, Happy Day!

  1. haybark

    You know, now that you mention it, it is a kind of soothing sound. I too can remember those in yards as I was growing up, funny what kind of things that can bring a nostalgic moment. I can hear the sound in my head just thinking about it.

    Is that a picture of said sprinkler?

  2. Well, actually it’s just a photo I found on the internet of one just like said sprinkler. Guess I have a lazy streak.

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