Blob Fest 2008

Anyone who has spent much time around my blog is familiar with Brian’s and my hobby of finding obscure, odd, eccentric things to see and do. We hit the mother lode a couple weeks ago when we attended the opening night of Blob Fest 2008. Just what is a Blob Fest, you may ask? It’s a community-based festival in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania that celebrates the 1958 sci-fi thriller movie “The Blob”. It seems that the theater used in a pivotal scene in the movie is located in this borough, which is apparently as good a reason to have a party as anything else! The festival is in its ninth year, and includes the opening night festivities, a Blob window decorating contest for local businesses, a parade, a classic car show, the “Blob Ball”, and assorted other street fair type activities. It should be noted that the opening ceremonies of the festival are held in the actual theater used in the movie, and include a concert by a local band, a screaming contest, and a tin foil hat contest (because everybody knows if there are aliens or other icky monstery things around, a tin foil hat will keep the creatures from being able to read your mind). It was truly an amazing event! As pictures speak louder than words, I thought I’d include a couple of photos I took that first night just to give you a feel for the evening.

Walking down the sidewalk that evening we were priveleged enough to see many amazing sights. They were all along the same lines as this first guy, but I felt he really sums up the whole affair, giving a well-rounded impression of the fun to be had. Not only did he look amazing, he was a great sport about posing for photos, and was quite a musician, besides!

Blob Fest Musician

Besides this guy, there were assorted other people walking the street in tin foil hats, including a whole family, each each sporting their own take on the perfect tin foil hat. There were also people in various costumes. We saw everything from people dressed in 50’s ragalia, to, well, these guys:

Um, OK...

Um, OK...

…and then of course, there was this guy:

Alien Man

Alien Man

At least, I think it’s a guy… Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how to tell…

If you look closely behind Alien Man in the above photo, you will see the Blob itself, rising over the borough in all it’s slimey glory, thus setting off a stampede of panicked citizens, running from the theater screaming into the night. Oh! Did I forget to mention that? The festivities in the theater conclude with the re-enacting of the famous “running out of the theater” scene from the movie. For the first 500 or so people to get in line early enough in the evening to actually get inside the theater, they get the thrill of participating in the Running Out, as it has come to be known. For the rest of the crowd, which this year was estimated at about 3,000 people, the event is enjoyed by spending an hour or two standing on the sidewalk in the summer heat, waiting for that fateful moment when the doors to the theater burst open and hundreds of frantic fans burst through them screaming into the night. It really was one of the funniest things I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing! Once again, words just fail to fully capture the moment, so here a couple photos to help get you up to speed on what it was like:

This year we opted to be part of the watching crowd, primarily because I wanted to get photos of the Running Out. Next year, though, I want to be in the theater. I’m already working on plans for my tin foil hat. It’s gonna be cool…  🙂



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4 responses to “Blob Fest 2008

  1. OK, so I know it’s kinda lame to comment on my own post, but late last night I realized there must be some footage of the Running Out on You Tube, so this morning I searched for it. Sure enough, there was plenty to be had. Here are my favorite clips. Trust me; you’re gonna love it!

    The Running Out: A Spectator’s Perspective”:

    “The Running Out: An Insider’s View”:

    “Blob Fest: The Music Video”:

  2. I saw you and Dad in the 3rd video (0:32)!

  3. Mrs. I

    When L&I lived in P-ville, we heard about this event, but had never gotten a first-hand account. This is just crazy enough to be lots of fun!! If I were you, I’d start experimenting with tinfoil hats now. You don’t want to leave something like that until the last minute!

    Now, I have to watch the You Tube videos and look for you and Brian. : )

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. As much as you might think otherwise, I am not, repeat, am not the big red thing on the theater roof…

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