Barney Gets a Friend

Anyone who is a long-time reader of this blog probably remembers the Barney sofa and all the controversy surrounding it. If not, you can read the whole story here.  (The controversy can be read here and here.) Well, Barney now has a friend in our house. It’s a ceiling.

If you read my most recent post, you know I’m building a darkroom. The first big challenge was to get a good color. If the darkroom were somewhere that I could just shut the door and no one would ever see it, I’d just paint it black, like sensible photographers do. However, I’m using the basement hallway that leads from the stairs to the game room and powder room. (I know that sounds weird, but it’s a wide hallway, and is easy to block all the light.) This means my darkroom must not only be dark enough to develop and print whenever I want to, but it must also be an attractive part of the house for when we have company. I decided a nice dark teal would be good, but quite underestimated the creativity of the paint designers. Who knew you could have several dozen versions of dark teal?

Anyway, after weeks of agonizing over the colors, I chose something called “Night Scape” for the walls and “Aqua Dance” for the ceiling. Oooo…. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Night Scape is a very dark teal, and Aqua Dance is a slightly lighter version of Night Scape. Now, anyone who has done much painting knows that paint darkens as it dries. Colors that are shocking in the can can be quite nice on the walls. I know this from watching HGTV. They say it all the time.

It’s quite different watching it on TV, though, than it is actually seeing it in your own home. I was totally unprepared for the surprise that awaited me when I first opened that paint can. Rather than being greeted by a nice, darkish, mid-toned teal, I was greeted by a color I recognized from the distant past. I knew right away what the color was, but blinked a couple times to clear my vision, just in case. Surely, what I was seeing was not actually what was in that can! It couldn’t be! However, no amount a blinking or eye rubbing would change what I saw before me. And just what did I see?

I saw “Smurf”. Not “Aqua Dance”, but “Smurf”. Plain and simple.



I worked to calm myself, repeating what was to be my mantra for the day: “Paint dries darker. Paint dries darker.” As I taped the trim, I chanted. “Paint dries darker.” As I edged the ceiling with the two inch brush, I chanted. “Paint dries darker.” As I pulled out the roller and began to paint the remaining ceiling, I chanted. “Paint dries darker.” Of course, the mantra was interupted on a fairly regular basis with other sentiments, such as “What was I thinking?”, “I sure hope this paint dries darker…” and my personal favorite, “What’s Brian going to say when he sees this?” As I recall, there was also a lot of praying going on. “God, please let this paint dry darker!”

The final act of the whole deal is that the paint did in fact dry darker, and quite lives up to its name, “Aqua Dance”. It’s nice to know, though, that underneath all that loveliness is the Barney sofa’s friend, Smurf paint. Life is fun… 🙂



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3 responses to “Barney Gets a Friend

  1. That’s great. 🙂 I can totally see you painting and constantly repeating to yourself, “Paint dries darker.”

    I’m really glad that you went with Night Scape for the walls. That was my favorite. Not that the colors were remarkably different from one another. But I remember liking Night Scape that tiny bit more than the rest of them.

    Amanda and I are good at detail work. As our worship leader informed us (the day before he talked about how terrible perfectionism is), we are perfectionists and well-suited for the job. Next time we visit, you should have a room for us to paint or something. (Notice how I apparently think I’m visiting with Amanda again?)

  2. Well, your room needs to have the wallpaper stripped… Are you up for the job? (And yes, I just assumed you were visiting again, as well!) 🙂

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