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Fall is Here

Well, it’s that time of year again; time when days are shorter, weather is cooler (praise God!), and leaves turn. Leaves turn, and then they fall. And fall. And fall. Can you guess what I did this week? I’ll give you a photographic hint:

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A Chance to Help

The other day I came across an awesome opportunity to help a baby be adopted into a loving Christian family. The family, John and Tracie Loux and kids, is on staff at IHOP-KC, and is adopting a toddler (Aiden) from eastern Europe with Down’s Syndrome. For anyone who doesn’t know, adoptions cost thousands of dollars (international adoptions generally run in the neighborhood of $20,000), and IHOP intercessory missionaries live on missionary support. You don’t have to be a math wizard to figure out how big the financial need is to bring this little guy home. Time is of the essence, since in his country of origin if he isn’t adopted by the time he turns four he will be removed from the potential adoption list and placed in an institution. Aiden will turn three in March of 2009, so time is ticking.

To help raise the finances to bring Aiden home, the family has set up a store at called “Art for Adoption”. I was especially touched when I saw that a lot of the photography they are selling was done by their 16 year old son. How many teenagers would work to raise money so Mom and Dad could adopt another child? I’m thinking not many… There is a variety of prints available, as well as some amazing cards with images of a sleeping baby. If you would like to help, you can find their store here.

Please consider what you can do to help. The need is great, and the rewards are eternal…

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Lord of the Dance

It’s that time of year again; the season when the annual Christmas dinner is looming on the horizon. Each year we join the rest of the staff of Brian’s company for a formal dinner, after which a band takes to the stage and the party begins, with all his co-workers taking to the dance floor while we watch from the sidelines, then slink away under the cover of darkness. Well, not this year! This year, we wanted things to be different, so we decided to take ballroom dancing classes. Yep, that’s right. The Beatties are dancing. Well, at least we’re trying. So far we mostly step on each other!

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Another Reason I Love Kids

Friday night we joined the rest of our neighbors in handing out candy to all the little pirates and princesses that came knocking at our door. While I don’t really like Halloween, it’s always fun to see the neighborhood kids having so much fun. When the doorbell rang for the first time, Brian and I both went to the door. He opened it to a cluster of little kids, probably 6-8 in age and number.

As he held out the bowl, a buzz ran through the crowd. One by one the kids reached into the bowl to choose their favorite candybar, and we heard one say, “I got a chocolate bar! I got a chocolate bar!” Another child took off running across the lawn to where the parents were waiting in the street calling, “I got peanut butter cups! Look! I got peanut butter cups!” And I kid you not, from the midst of the group we heard a liitle voice say, “I got a rock…” I don’t know who that kid was, but I love him!

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