Another Reason I Love Kids

Friday night we joined the rest of our neighbors in handing out candy to all the little pirates and princesses that came knocking at our door. While I don’t really like Halloween, it’s always fun to see the neighborhood kids having so much fun. When the doorbell rang for the first time, Brian and I both went to the door. He opened it to a cluster of little kids, probably 6-8 in age and number.

As he held out the bowl, a buzz ran through the crowd. One by one the kids reached into the bowl to choose their favorite candybar, and we heard one say, “I got a chocolate bar! I got a chocolate bar!” Another child took off running across the lawn to where the parents were waiting in the street calling, “I got peanut butter cups! Look! I got peanut butter cups!” And I kid you not, from the midst of the group we heard a liitle voice say, “I got a rock…” I don’t know who that kid was, but I love him!


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