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SnowShow Update

If you read my recent post on the experience of seeing “Slava’s SnowShow” on Broadway, you may be interested in an update. As you recall, I referred to the experience as “way too much fun”. Well, it seems I could also refer to it as “the show that keeps on giving”.

We saw the show on a Sunday evening. The next Saturday morning found us in the Philadelphia airport, on our way to Kansas City to help Adam celebrate his 21st birthday. As preparation for going through the security checkpoint, Brian put his keys, wallet, and all those other pocket essentials a guy carries, into a jacket pocket. The jacket took the radioactive ride through the scanner, and we retrieved our belongings. As we were putting ourselves back together, Brian pulled his wallet out of a jacket pocket to replace it to its rightful place in a pant pocket, and the wallet wasn’t the only thing that came out! Continue reading


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More Reasons to Love IHOP

We just got back from Kansas City, and I must admit I am even more in love with the IHOP community than ever before. Here are the new reasons I found:

  1. You gotta love a community where total strangers come up to you to say how awesome your kids are.
  2. You gotta love a community that embraces adopting orphans the way the rest of the country embraces buying your own kids a Wii.
  3. You gotta love a community where the adults are full of child-like enthusiasm and the kids are full of adult-like wisdom.
  4. You gotta love a community that doesn’t shrink from Scripture, even when the message doesn’t fit with our feel-good, politically-correct-until-you-die way of thinking.
  5. You gotta love a community that includes a coffee shop that sells breakfast in the morning, and then again in the afternoon for people who aren’t morning people.
  6. You gotta love a community that teaches people to aim at “excellence”, while encouraging them to “press delete” and try again when they fail.
  7. You gotta love a community where a short walk down the hallway, at any time of the day or night, will allow you to overhear bits and pieces of conversation like, “Well, I always thought the pre-trib theory had a lot of validity, but I was reading in ‘Daniel’ and…”

What is there to say but, “Gotta love it!”


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Too Much Fun

Yes, it may in fact be possible to have too much fun. I never would have thought so before last Sunday, but now I’m convinced it just might be. We took a walking tour of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, shopped at my favorite camera store in the entire world, and topped the day off with a Broadway show. To make the whole day even better, the show wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill Broadway show. We saw “Slava’s SnowShow”, an extravaganza of beauty, imagination, and just plain fun.

(I had never heard of Slava before, but he is a famous clown from Russia, known around the world. You would think that as a former clown I would have known, but no… Anyway…)

It’s the kind of show that’s really hard to explain, since it lacks all the “norms” of clown acts, like balloon animals, cheesy magic tricks, and tiny cars. Instead, it goes from random silliness, to poignant introspection, to surrealism, to outright, fully abandoned fun. Continue reading


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My Super Power

For a number of years Adam and I have had bouts of a game we get into. I don’t remember for sure where it started, or how, or even when. All I know for sure is that, up until now, I have stunk at it! The game is to decide if you were a superhero, what would your super name be, and what would your super power be. I’ve never come up with anything good for myself, ever. He, on the other hand, seems to be perfectly gifted at this game. Well, his reign as king of this game is finally at an end.

I discovered my super power while trying to write a simple email to someone I had not yet met. I went through my normal struggle to figure out what needed to be said, what didn’t need to be said, and what needed to not be said. After several paragraphs of introduction, I finally got to the reason I was writing. It was then that it hit me;if I were a super hero, my super power would be to take any short, simple story and turn it into a long, involved story in the blink of an eye. My super hero name? “Loquacious Girl”. Take that, Captain T-Shirt!


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