More Reasons to Love IHOP

We just got back from Kansas City, and I must admit I am even more in love with the IHOP community than ever before. Here are the new reasons I found:

  1. You gotta love a community where total strangers come up to you to say how awesome your kids are.
  2. You gotta love a community that embraces adopting orphans the way the rest of the country embraces buying your own kids a Wii.
  3. You gotta love a community where the adults are full of child-like enthusiasm and the kids are full of adult-like wisdom.
  4. You gotta love a community that doesn’t shrink from Scripture, even when the message doesn’t fit with our feel-good, politically-correct-until-you-die way of thinking.
  5. You gotta love a community that includes a coffee shop that sells breakfast in the morning, and then again in the afternoon for people who aren’t morning people.
  6. You gotta love a community that teaches people to aim at “excellence”, while encouraging them to “press delete” and try again when they fail.
  7. You gotta love a community where a short walk down the hallway, at any time of the day or night, will allow you to overhear bits and pieces of conversation like, “Well, I always thought the pre-trib theory had a lot of validity, but I was reading in ‘Daniel’ and…”

What is there to say but, “Gotta love it!”



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6 responses to “More Reasons to Love IHOP

  1. And the pancakes are pretty good, too.

    OK, I know it’s not *that* IHOP, but I still like pancakes.

  2. Mrs. I.

    I definitely agree. Gotta love it!

  3. Brian: Yes, pancakes are good. Especially at midnight!

    Mrs. I: It’s good, isn’t it?

  4. I met your amazing daughter at onething. I read your blog because I linked it from hers–which I found through someone else. And as I am in KC right now for a 2 week stay this entry resounds with me. With the exception of #1 since I don’t have kids, it’s a perfect synopsis of why IHOP is the best place on earth to be 🙂

  5. Susan: Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome any time.

    I’m starting an email list for people addicted to IHOP that aren’t in Kansas City. I think it would encouraging to be able to talk IHOP with other people who love it as much as I do. Sometimes I feel like I’m in exile having to be so far away. If you’re interested I can send you the information when I get it up and running.

  6. Yes, please do! I am going home in a couple days and will have a long 7 month wait to get back for my internship–it’s hard being separated by the longings of your heart, even when you are around loved ones at home because sometimes they just don’t “get” why you think “that way.” 🙂

    Connection is good! My email is Thanks! It’s good to meet you.

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