SnowShow Update

If you read my recent post on the experience of seeing “Slava’s SnowShow” on Broadway, you may be interested in an update. As you recall, I referred to the experience as “way too much fun”. Well, it seems I could also refer to it as “the show that keeps on giving”.

We saw the show on a Sunday evening. The next Saturday morning found us in the Philadelphia airport, on our way to Kansas City to help Adam celebrate his 21st birthday. As preparation for going through the security checkpoint, Brian put his keys, wallet, and all those other pocket essentials a guy carries, into a jacket pocket. The jacket took the radioactive ride through the scanner, and we retrieved our belongings. As we were putting ourselves back together, Brian pulled his wallet out of a jacket pocket to replace it to its rightful place in a pant pocket, and the wallet wasn’t the only thing that came out! Much to our surprise, here is what we saw on the floor:

Yep! That’s right… More “SnowShow” snow, six days later, in a jacket he had worn several times that week. We had a fabulous time in Kansas City and headed home the following Wednesday. As we were checking in at the ticket counter, Brian reached inside his jacket to pull out the paperwork for our flight, and (tell me if you’ve heard this before), the paperwork wasn’t the only thing that came out of the pocket. We looked down and saw the gentle, drifting fall of this:

More snow!!! I’ve thought about checking all his pockets carefully to make sure we finally have it all, but then I thought, “Why bother?” It’s kinda fun to have your own, personal, random snowfall. I’ll say it again: That show was just too much fun!


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