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Beattie Randomocity

I’ve decided I need to quit trying to be profound and just write something. Anything. There’s no good reason not too, right? Since I can’t think of anything specific, I decided to share random things I’ve seen or noticed just hanging around my life lately. It seems like random is like, totaly everywhere, you know? So here we go:

Here is the first piece of random. These are mystery implements I found yesterday. I was searching through my sewing supplies looking for the instruction manual for the serger. I lifted a handful of fabric scraps and found this:

They look brand new, and there’s a bunch of them, so you’d think they’d be important to something around here…  Anybody have an idea what these could be?

Next there is the Tale of the Magic Coat. You may remember our fun at the SnowShow back in December (read about it here), and the fun we had afterwards finding random snow falling from his clothing. Well, now I find out some of the fun may not of  had as much to do with the show as it did with a magical coat. It occurred to me the other day that each time we had random snow Brian was wearing the same brown suede coat. Well, like, duh! It’s the coat he wore at the show, so that’s where the snow falls out, right? Well, a couple weeks ago he was driving, reached up to rub his neck, and this fell out of the sleeve:

More than a month after seeing the show!!! To get the depth of how amazing this is, you need to realize he wears this coat almost every day. For over a month. And still…

I decided the coat was magic after one night when Brian pulled his glasses out of the coat pocket and discovered one of the lenses had fallen out. The screw was also missing. After I tried to repair the glasses with an eyeglass repair kit I had in my purse and found that the screws I had were all too big, Brian reached back into the pocket. He felt around a second or two, and pulled out the world’s tiniest brass screw. Honestly, I could hardly see it. Yet, in the pocket of the Magic Coat, it was easily found. Has to be a Magic Coat…

One more piece of random. This is a pile of Tacky, Old, and Bad that we’re removing from our house. Notice especially the giant 1970’s burgundy colored pom-pom fringe on the curtains:

These are assorted curtains left by the old homeowners. This is not the first, and I’m sure not the last, pile of Tacky, Old, and Bad we’re be removing. (Some of it has even been stuff we moved with us!)

There’s a lot more random that’s been hanging around, but I don’t think I should bore you with it all. I’d hate to scare away all my readers! If you’d like more, you can check out my flickr page. This set of photos includes pictures of Ugly Bathroom #1, Ugly Bathroom #2 (in which you can see the Ugly Mirror and Light Fixture that was in both bathrooms when we moved in), my newly hung livingroom curtains, and the amazing view out my windshield when I had to go to the store yesterday. You can find it here. I hope for your sake you’re not really so bored that you find this interesting…


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Heavenly Light

Before I get started, let me assure you that I realize the issue I’m about to bring up is not exactly earth shattering. No one will go to heaven or hell based on this, and most people will probably think I am beyond eccentric, but, well, there’s a reason my blog is called “Life Inside My Head”!

While reading the other night, Revelation 21:23 intrigued me: “The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” The light geek in my stopped short on this one. It’s not that I’d never read this before, and not even that I didn’t know this was in there. This time, though, it just jumped up and grabbed my brain and wouldn’t let go.  “…the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” In our current world, our light comes from the sun. (Well, if we’re outside, and it’s day, but, you know…) Because of the physics of light, namely that it always moves in a straight line until interupted and manipulated, things have shadows. Light comes from the sun, hits an object, that object blocks the light from reaching surfaces behind it, causing a shadow. Easy peasy rice and cheesy, right?

In the New Jerusalem, the sun isn’t needed because it is so lit up by the glory of God. We know God is omnipresent, meaning everywhere. There is no place, position, or particle in which God is not always present. Therefore I wonder: will there be shadows in the New Jerusalem? The first reaction is “Of course!”, but stop and think. If there were a shadow, wouldn’t that mean that God’s glory (i.e., light) is being blocked from somewhere, thus interfering with God being omnipresent? That there would be some place in the New Jerusalem, no matter how tiny, from which the Presence of God would be prevented from filling? That doesn’t seem right…

I guess there could be a new kind of shadow that doesn’t require lack of light to be formed (sort of like how time as we know it won’t exist in eternity, even though there is obviously some form of time, or else it would be impossible to do anything, since doing something requires one thing to happen before another, and thus the presence of time. But I guess that is another story). What the properties of that kind of shadow would be is hard to guess, especially since we don’t really know what the properties of the Light in the New Jerusalem will be.

I realize this is all rambly and twisty, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about. Can you have shadows when the light is coming from every particle in the atmosphere? I don’t know, but it’s fascinating to ponder a God who exists either in a shadowless place, or in a place where there are shadows without an absence of light. Pretty cool…


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A Roar in Space

If you love to tremble at the thought of God, you’ll want to read this article. It talks about scientists discovering what they call a “roar” in space. It comes from somewhere far away, at the edge of the universe, and science has no explanation or even educated guess on what could make such a noise. I have just one thing to say in response to it: Mufasa! Ooo… Say it again!


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New Group for IHOP Supporters

Last week I participated in the onething 08 conference via the internet. It was awesome, but along with the spiritual high of being immersed in IHOP for a few days was a little sadness that I can only participate from afar. When I mentioned this to my lovely daughter Amanda, she suggested I start an email list for other people in my same situation. Not being one to ignore wisdom when it hits me in the face, I decided to give it a try. So, as of about 10:30 this morning, I’m moderating a group on Yahoo! called “EHOP-KC”. (The name was Amanda’s idea. Is she brilliant, or what?)

If you would be interested in an online community of like-minded people, feel free to stop by and join. You can join at the group’s homepage at or by sending an email to:    If you hurry, you could be the first member (except for me, of course)!

Although it may be obvious, I want to make it clear that this group is NOT related to IHOP. It’s just a gathering place for people who love IHOP-KC sponsored by me, as a mom of two IHOPpers, and as a person who hopes one day to actually become an IHOPper. Actual IHOPpers are, of course, always welcome!


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…And a Quirky New Year to You!!!

After four days of being immersed in Kingdom  thoughts and teachings through the webstreaming of the mind-blowing event that is “onething 08” (from IHOP-KC), yesterday was a bit of a whiplash experience. We had to run a couple errands early in the day, but then retreated home, to become immersed in a mind-blowing experience of a different type: the Mummers Parade.

After watching the final half of the parade on TV, it became clear why this annual Philly event takes place on New Year’s Day. I think it takes a night of being up way too late and drinking way too much for this event to make any sort of sense at all. I mean, under what other circumstances would thousands of people brave sub-freezing temperatures and huge crowds to watch befeathered, sequin bedazzled men from space rocking out to a medly of space tunes, including everything from “2001 Space Oddessy”, “Star Trek” and “Close Encounters” to “Star Wars”. Or what about my personal favorite? Several dozen men dressed as ancient Egyptians, both living and mummified, covered in glittery garb and sporting enough feathers to make a Vegas showgirl jealous, playing banjos and saxophones, dancing to “Mr. Sandman”, right there in front of City Hall.

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at this: Continue reading


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