New Group for IHOP Supporters

Last week I participated in the onething 08 conference via the internet. It was awesome, but along with the spiritual high of being immersed in IHOP for a few days was a little sadness that I can only participate from afar. When I mentioned this to my lovely daughter Amanda, she suggested I start an email list for other people in my same situation. Not being one to ignore wisdom when it hits me in the face, I decided to give it a try. So, as of about 10:30 this morning, I’m moderating a group on Yahoo! called “EHOP-KC”. (The name was Amanda’s idea. Is she brilliant, or what?)

If you would be interested in an online community of like-minded people, feel free to stop by and join. You can join at the group’s homepage at or by sending an email to:    If you hurry, you could be the first member (except for me, of course)!

Although it may be obvious, I want to make it clear that this group is NOT related to IHOP. It’s just a gathering place for people who love IHOP-KC sponsored by me, as a mom of two IHOPpers, and as a person who hopes one day to actually become an IHOPper. Actual IHOPpers are, of course, always welcome!



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5 responses to “New Group for IHOP Supporters

  1. You want to be an IHOPper too? Come do the summer internship. Then I will know someone 🙂

    Hey, shameless begging to a person I only have met online isn’t that bad is it! I am leaving KC tomorrow and I am NOT happy about that so I look forward to your group.

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  3. This is a great idea. Thanks, and sign me up. 24 Philly Blog

  4. Hi Jerry, Click on the URL above and follow the directions on how to join. It’s easy. We’ll be glad to have you!

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