A Roar in Space

If you love to tremble at the thought of God, you’ll want to read this article. It talks about scientists discovering what they call a “roar” in space. It comes from somewhere far away, at the edge of the universe, and science has no explanation or even educated guess on what could make such a noise. I have just one thing to say in response to it: Mufasa! Ooo… Say it again!



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10 responses to “A Roar in Space

  1. Did you hear Lou Engle at the 10 a.m. intercession meeting today? He told about this and prayed for the roar of God… I thought of this. You just never know. His attitude sounded sort of like yours, you just never know…

  2. John Barker

    Yeah, I remember Allen Hood sayting that line. What an incredible discovery- He will roar from heaven….

  3. I had the meeting streaming, but was in another part of the house. I could hear it was Lou, but couldn’t hear what he was saying. I’ll have to pull up the archive and watch it. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. John: Yeah, I picked it up from Amanda when she was going through FSM. She told me the line, and it fit so well to how I get about God that it has stuck. In our family, it’s quite normal to talk about having a “Mufasa Moment”. We’re a little eccentric…

  5. OK, I’m the dummy in the group.
    Somebody explain Mufasa.
    Is it kind of like Ichy Go Ichy E?

  6. Jerry: You’re not a dummy. It comes from Disney’s “The Lion King”. Mufasa is the king lion, so wields a lot of power. In the movie there is a pack of hyenas who are the lackies for the bad guy. Because of their low position, and being on the side against the king, the hyenas find the king really scary. So scary, in fact, that the mere mention of his name sends chills up their spine. In one scene they are talking about the king and how scary he is. One of the hyenas says the name: “Mufasa!!” and another hyena shivers in fear and then says, “Oo… Say it agian!”

    So that’s the backstory. What all this has to do with IHOP comes through Alan Hood. He talks about how considering who God is and what He is really like being like that point in the movie. At that moment of revelation of the power of God, or how mighty He is, we become like the hyenas: “Jesus!” (insert shiver up spine here) “Ooo… Say it again!”

    Now you have to explain “Ichy Go Ichy E”.

  7. First off, I spelled it wrong. It’s “ichi go ichi e”.
    It means an opportune moment in time. Kind of like a kairos moment.
    It’s the moment of salvation. It’s the moment when you “got it” and nothing has ever been the same. It’s the moment you said “yes”.
    In the fullness of time Jesus came. It was the right time. It wasn’t too early or too late, it was a ichi go ichi e or kairos moment.
    There are many prophetic ichi go ichi e moments on the horizon.
    There is a moment in time when the drought will end. There is a one minute before midnight deliverance reserved for all those who endure.
    Mouning endures for a time, but there is a time when joy comes.
    Jesus is coming.
    ichi go ichi e

  8. aaron guilford

    well as far as i know that roar everyone is talking about is god roaring like a lion and it refers to the end times. read revelation chap 6 to the end and you will know what i am talking about.

  9. aaron guilford

    by the end i mean to the last chapter of revelations.

  10. Hi Aaron,

    Yeah, that was what I got out of it, too. It’s always amazing to read scripture in the news!

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