Heavenly Light

Before I get started, let me assure you that I realize the issue I’m about to bring up is not exactly earth shattering. No one will go to heaven or hell based on this, and most people will probably think I am beyond eccentric, but, well, there’s a reason my blog is called “Life Inside My Head”!

While reading the other night, Revelation 21:23 intrigued me: “The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” The light geek in my stopped short on this one. It’s not that I’d never read this before, and not even that I didn’t know this was in there. This time, though, it just jumped up and grabbed my brain and wouldn’t let go.  “…the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.” In our current world, our light comes from the sun. (Well, if we’re outside, and it’s day, but, you know…) Because of the physics of light, namely that it always moves in a straight line until interupted and manipulated, things have shadows. Light comes from the sun, hits an object, that object blocks the light from reaching surfaces behind it, causing a shadow. Easy peasy rice and cheesy, right?

In the New Jerusalem, the sun isn’t needed because it is so lit up by the glory of God. We know God is omnipresent, meaning everywhere. There is no place, position, or particle in which God is not always present. Therefore I wonder: will there be shadows in the New Jerusalem? The first reaction is “Of course!”, but stop and think. If there were a shadow, wouldn’t that mean that God’s glory (i.e., light) is being blocked from somewhere, thus interfering with God being omnipresent? That there would be some place in the New Jerusalem, no matter how tiny, from which the Presence of God would be prevented from filling? That doesn’t seem right…

I guess there could be a new kind of shadow that doesn’t require lack of light to be formed (sort of like how time as we know it won’t exist in eternity, even though there is obviously some form of time, or else it would be impossible to do anything, since doing something requires one thing to happen before another, and thus the presence of time. But I guess that is another story). What the properties of that kind of shadow would be is hard to guess, especially since we don’t really know what the properties of the Light in the New Jerusalem will be.

I realize this is all rambly and twisty, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about. Can you have shadows when the light is coming from every particle in the atmosphere? I don’t know, but it’s fascinating to ponder a God who exists either in a shadowless place, or in a place where there are shadows without an absence of light. Pretty cool…



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4 responses to “Heavenly Light

  1. Just thinking.

    To perceive objects with our natural eyes in the corporeal universe, we depend a great deal on reflected light – that is, something is illuminated and we see the light bouncing off. Variations in this reflection contribute to our perception of color. I think.

    But if light is reflected, doesn’t that mean that the reflecting thing resists the penetration of the light? Hard to imagine that being allowed in an environment where God is the source of light and God is completely everywhere.

    I would think that everything would therefore have to “glow” with the Light of God. Everything. Quite boggling if you ask me.

  2. Oo… That’s pretty cool. I guess that’s part of my hypothesis about shadows. God is in every particle, therefore every particle eminates the light of God, therefore there are no shadows, since everything is eminating light. Cool. Kinda fun to think about…

  3. I’m going to bet you’re right, full of confidence that by the time we find out for sure, paying off will not be so important…

  4. Dianna

    Way cool ponderings!

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