Stone Soup Babies

It’s common knowledge that there are many children who have no permanent home and no “forever family”. Worldwide the estimates are in the millions. In the United States, numbers run upwards of 100,000. Like many Christians, I want to be part of the solution for these little ones, but have found it a daunting task to figure out how to help. The need is so big, and what we are equipped to do seems so small. While costs vary widely, the average range for an adoption in the U.S. is about $20,000-$40,000.

In the last week, I witnessed a financial “miracle” which enabled a family to do an emergency adoption. There was no wealthy benefactor that paid for the adoption; there were 182 heroes. These people gave anywhere from $5-$1200, with about half of them giving less than $30. All together, it was enough to fully ransom this little life, saving him from a life potentially spent in foster homes. Watching the Facebook updates posted by the amazing Tracie Loux over the course of a week, and seeing just how quickly we all could find money when properly motivated was amazing. (Click to visit Tracie’s personal blog here , and click here to see her adoption blog, where you can find information on newborns needing familes.)

All this got me thinking. Sure, $40,000 is a ton of money, but if we all consistently did a small part, we could make a major difference. For instance, the community at the Intertnational House of Prayer in Kansas City is made up of about 4000 people. This  includes IHOP-KC staff, IHOPU students, and FCF congregants. Sure, the missionaries don’t have piles of money, and the students don’t either. But, I’m guessing nearly everyone would find an extra $10 a month to throw in the adoption pot. Do you realize, if all 4000 of us gave $10 a month that would be $40,000, or one adoption a month fully paid for? When you add in the fact that some adoptions are closer to $20,000, just this one community could fully fund anywhere from 12-24 adoptions a year!

I realize that when you’re living on a tight budget even $10 can be a stretch, but think of it this way: The following are all about $10. Make one of these sacrifices in your monthly budget, and you could be part of a couple dozen kids having homes this year.

Things that cost about $10

a trip to Chipotle
two trips to Starbucks
a movie ticket
a sale price pizza
an everyday Tshirt
a cheap seat at a Royals (or other team) game
a car wash (with wax)
1/3 of getting highlights in your hair
1/2 a pedicure

Things $10 is less than

a  CD
 a bargain video game
a cheap haircut
a trip to the zoo
a monthly gym membership
a shirt from American Eagle

So, what do you say? Can you spare a pizza to give a kid a home?



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12 responses to “Stone Soup Babies

  1. If you’re interested in helping with an adoption, here’s an AMAZING family that could use your help. They adopted a little girl with less than 48 hours notice. Had they not stepped up, this little one would have started her life in foster care.

  2. Dorean,

    Such a simple concept to spare $10 a month, yet I find this post revolutionary! I have a blog at where Moms can find encouragement and awareness to needs of those less fortunate – specifically orphans and girls enslaved in sex trafficking. I’m constantly asking myself, “how do I get my readers to connect? how do I get them see past themselves that even a small amount can make a big difference?” I’m not here to judge other people’s motives, I only want to stir desire that might be buried deep within. Your post, Dorean, has done that for me. You have brought it down to a simple comparison. Can I spare a $10 pizza a month to help save a life? Yes I can. And I will continue to do so. I’m going to link this up to my blog, so other Moms can be as inspired towards active compassion. I hope you don’t mind!

  3. Preach it, Dorean! It’s a word in due season.

  4. Rejoicing with you at God’s goodness and His answer to prayer for this wee precious one of His. May God’s Mercy and Grace pour out over his life and his new family’s, as they continue to walk out James 1:27.

    bless you for sharing this, God has given you a gift with words!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted!

  5. Danielle: I’m glad it spoke to you. Feel free to link to the article. My prayer is that people will read it and catch of vision of how easily everyone can make a difference.

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  7. Beautiful post!! Love love love it!

  8. Hi I’m glad I read this…How awesome!

    My family & I are on both sides of this spectrum, We are adopting and need to raise just $8000 for our child to come home to his/her forever family!

    And I would also be willing to give back to this, I could donate $10 a month to help a child come home every month to there forever family.

    Let me know how to do both~ I have a blog please link it for me to get my word out and I will get your word out also!

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