Hi, I’m me. There’s really not much more to tell. I’m a wife and mom. I’ve been a wife for 24 years, and a mom for over 21 years. Right now I’m in transition. I homeschooled both our kids, and now that they are both graduated from high school and on their own, I guess I’m retired. Or maybe I got downsized… Whichever the case is, I’m in the process of discovering who I am all over again. I wish someone had told me years ago that these transitory things, meaning anything that can change, have nothing to do with who we really are. I’m learning that now, and it’s sometimes fun, and sometimes frustrating.

My many passions (obsessions) include photography. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, and with the advent of digital photography, the cost of thousands of practice shots is no longer a problem. I’m also beginning to get back into writing, another thing I’ve always wanted to do. We’ll see if I end up being able to do either!

The title of this blog is very personal. I have a continual flow and swirl of thoughts going on all the time. Some of them are profound, and some are just quirky. I try to edit myself a lot when I talk to people, knowing that I can go on and on and on, way past anyone else’s interest. This blog is really just a place for me where I can express what I’m thinking about without guilt. If you are brave enough to plunge in, do so with my blessing!

By the way, I also have a photoblog. You can find it by clicking here.


4 responses to “About

  1. Carolyn

    I happened upon your blog somehow. I too am a wife and, Mother (26years.) And I find my own retirement/downsizing is almost upon me. A strange new land to say the least. Anyway. I have enjoyed your writings and will probably continue to drop by if that is alright.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I’m glad you happened by! Drop a note anytime!

  3. Dorean,
    Interesting photos – thanks for posting on the Mamiya group site. I followed the link to your photos and see that you are in the throes of discovering the fantastic world of MF photography. I’m doing the same with LF now.

    Keep at it!



  4. Johnny,

    Thanks! I haven’t gotten any of my MF photos scanned yet, so these are all digital. I’m waiting on my first roll of MF, so we’ll see if there are any worth posting!

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