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A Roar in Space

If you love to tremble at the thought of God, you’ll want to read this article. It talks about scientists discovering what they call a “roar” in space. It comes from somewhere far away, at the edge of the universe, and science has no explanation or even educated guess on what could make such a noise. I have just one thing to say in response to it: Mufasa! Ooo… Say it again!



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…And a Quirky New Year to You!!!

After four days of being immersed in Kingdom  thoughts and teachings through the webstreaming of the mind-blowing event that is “onething 08” (from IHOP-KC), yesterday was a bit of a whiplash experience. We had to run a couple errands early in the day, but then retreated home, to become immersed in a mind-blowing experience of a different type: the Mummers Parade.

After watching the final half of the parade on TV, it became clear why this annual Philly event takes place on New Year’s Day. I think it takes a night of being up way too late and drinking way too much for this event to make any sort of sense at all. I mean, under what other circumstances would thousands of people brave sub-freezing temperatures and huge crowds to watch befeathered, sequin bedazzled men from space rocking out to a medly of space tunes, including everything from “2001 Space Oddessy”, “Star Trek” and “Close Encounters” to “Star Wars”. Or what about my personal favorite? Several dozen men dressed as ancient Egyptians, both living and mummified, covered in glittery garb and sporting enough feathers to make a Vegas showgirl jealous, playing banjos and saxophones, dancing to “Mr. Sandman”, right there in front of City Hall.

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at this: Continue reading


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Blob Fest 2008

Anyone who has spent much time around my blog is familiar with Brian’s and my hobby of finding obscure, odd, eccentric things to see and do. We hit the mother lode a couple weeks ago when we attended the opening night of Blob Fest 2008. Just what is a Blob Fest, you may ask? It’s a community-based festival in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania that celebrates the 1958 sci-fi thriller movie “The Blob”. It seems that the theater used in a pivotal scene in the movie is located in this borough, which is apparently as good a reason to have a party as anything else! The festival is in its ninth year, and includes the opening night festivities, a Blob window decorating contest for local businesses, a parade, a classic car show, the “Blob Ball”, and assorted other street fair type activities. It should be noted that the opening ceremonies of the festival are held in the actual theater used in the movie, and include a concert by a local band, a screaming contest, and a tin foil hat contest (because everybody knows if there are aliens or other icky monstery things around, a tin foil hat will keep the creatures from being able to read your mind). It was truly an amazing event! As pictures speak louder than words, I thought I’d include a couple of photos I took that first night just to give you a feel for the evening. Continue reading


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God is like…

For no apparent reason, Brian and I decided to learn about wine. Up until now my knowledge of the subject consisted of (a) wine is made from grapes, (b) wine can be red or white, and (c) red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with fish. The first thing we learned on our journey is that letter (c) is actually not a hard and fast rule. Oh, and that wine can be made from things other than grapes, too. So much for knowing stuff…

The main thing we learned is that in discussing wine, “aromas” are discussed rather than “flavors”. Weird, huh? This is not, however, the weirdest part of the whole thing.   Continue reading

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How Random is This???

Wow. Thanks to some of the cool WordPress features for bloggers, and found out something really random today.

I don’t know how or why, but apparently my blog is on the internet in languages other than English. Well, so all I really know for sure is it’s on the internet in at least one other language. I found it entertaining, and thought you might, as well. Here it is:


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A Super-Cool Church

Wow. Talk about random! I found a church today on the internet that really is a must-see! I was amazed and amused… I won’t tell you more, because you really have to see it for yourself! 🙂 Check it out by clicking here.


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GPS+Marriage= Trouble

Our first Christmas as empty-nesters went well. I was worried that it might be very sad to wake up on Christmas morning without kids excited about opening presents. I needn’t have worried, though. Adam knows me well,  so convinced Amanda they should call us when they left the Prayer Room at 6:00 AM. So, rather than starting Christmas day missing my kids, it started as every good Christmas should: being woken up by my kids. Way too much fun!

After spending a few minutes talking to the kids on the phone, we crawled out of bed and wandered down stairs to open our gifts. I got Brian a GPS. I just recently found out how much he wanted one when Continue reading


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